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Your tax-deductible donation can help more than 7,000 villagers in Sierra Leone, West Africa transform their lives.
There are many ways to contribute!


Here are some of examples of how your money is used.

$50 buys a handwashing station for multiple families to stop the spread of sicknessYoung girls giggling
$100 creates a sanitation committee that monitors health practices for an entire village
$500 teaches 20 marginalized women the skills to manage their finances
$1,000 provides transformative leadership training for women across six villages

A donation of any size has a tremendous impact for the people of Sierra Leone! Given the exchange rate and economy in Sierra Leone, one dollar goes farther than most people can imagine. You can change lives in Africa by supporting rural development.

If you are interested in making a gift of stock, setting up estate or planned giving, or making a memorial or honorarium, call our office at 612-879-7590.