About Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is among the world’s poorest nations. Located on the Western coast of Africa, the country is home to over six million people spread over an area roughly the size of South Carolina. While relatively peaceful today, Sierra Leone is still recovering from a devastating decade-long civil war that ravaged its infrastructure, forced nearly a third of the country’s population from their homes, and left over 50,000 people dead.

Today, the majority of Sierra Leoneans live as rural farmers without access to even the most basic health care, sanitation, or education. Over 80% of the country lives in poverty.

Map of where we work in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone: Fast Facts

Population: 6.1 million
Capital: Freetown
Area: 27,699 square miles (roughly the size of South Carolina)
Languages: English, Mende, Temne, Krio
Religions: Islam, indigenous beliefs, Christianity
Currency: Leone
Life Expectancy: 48
GDP per Capita: US $500
Literacy : 31%
Climate: Tropical rain forest
Main Crops: Rice, Coffee, Cocoa, Palm Kernels, Palm Oil, Peanuts